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Originally Posted by rbm View Post
AmigaAMP fail loading the skins using any of the 2.8.2 versions. Works fine with the 2.8.1.
Directory update in b1, not yet sure why it fails.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
the screenshoot ...
Which only says you have fast ram at 68000000 which has nothing to do with map rom. It is just Blizzard RAM. Perfectly normal. (Exec not being in fast ram is also blizzard feature)

p.s. Also, according to 1230iv manual, while reseting amiga with key "2" pressed the board should be disabled completely ... and also while keeping reset keys for more 10 sec the board should be enabled again ... but it doesnt work in current emulation.
By design. There is no point for extreme complexity to emulate this. Just set another config. (If you are really really quick you may get HALT 4 if you press "2").

EDIT: Also, sysinfo memory information (pic.2) and the last 512k of Blizzard RAM region checked with WinUAE debugger (shift+F12) -> pic.3 !
As I said, rom is copied to end of blizzard ram at every boot by blizzard boot rom, even if maprom is disabled. This is 100% correct.

... hm, but also if enter in WinUAE debugger at Aros boot screen it still has PC counter at $00fxxxxx address space and not on $68fxxxxx, even if the MapROM emulation box is checked -> why ?! (seems it doesnt run KS from FAST RAM then)
Which is the whole point of map rom, f80000 is actually mirror of 68f80000 (or whatever is the end of blizzard RAM region) when maprom is enabled. Blizzard memory controller internally remaps it, preventing slow access to Amiga mainboard ROM chip. Address stays the same, access speed is much faster.

You can easily check if maprom is working: modify the fast ram mirror and check if f80000 changed.
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