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Can reproduce this too, Winuae 2.8.1 works fine, AmigaAmp UI is shown, in 2.8.2 newest beta the UI can not be shown.

Another possible problem, after some more testings the only one of my HDF/directories which boots in the last 2.8.2 Beta 4 214-7-21 100% really without problems is a HDF file from the ClassicWB page with OS 3.1 installed - Works without any trouble, no matter if i have extended memory settings checkboxes activated or not and no matter if at the same time JIT is activated or not or Fastest possible or MatchA500/A1200 speed mode are set instead of JIT or in combination with JIT.

All other configs (AmigaSYS, Amikit) do crash if i have the checkbox for "JIT Direct compatible Z3 memory mapping" deactivated - tested with the same variables as mentioned above.

Crashdump is following:


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