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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I can't duplicate this. Screenshot?
the screenshoot ...

p.s. Also, according to 1230iv manual, while reseting amiga with key "2" pressed the board should be disabled completely ... and also while keeping reset keys for more 10 sec the board should be enabled again ... but it doesnt work in current emulation.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I didn't mean that. I meant that rom is always copied to blizzard ram, even if maprom is disabled and it does nothing.
So, this is how it works currently in emulation - it always occupy FAST RAM with 512K of rom image ... but not sure is the same apply for a real board.
(just check a 1230iv manual at pages III & IV)

EDIT: Also, sysinfo memory information (pic.2) and the last 512k of Blizzard RAM region checked with WinUAE debugger (shift+F12) -> pic.3 !

EDIT2: But if MapROM emulation is checked got a different sysinfo memory information (pic.4) in comparrison to pic.2 ... so this must be then when it runs a copied KS rom from FAST RAM. (seems MapROM emulation box works fine then )

... hm, but also if enter in WinUAE debugger at Aros boot screen it still has PC counter at $00fxxxxx address space and not on $68fxxxxx, even if the MapROM emulation box is checked -> why ?! (seems it doesnt run KS from FAST RAM then)
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