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Chameleon in our Wiki:

Also allows running Minimig, Sinclair Spectrum, Atari 2600 and Atari 800XL (being worked on, but already public).

The main purpose though is giving the C64 "the ultimate expansion" with up to two emulated 1541 disk drives, accelerator (faster than SCPU), memory expansion (REU+GeoRAM), a huge bucket full of cartridge emulations, and a comfy menu that makes using the Chameleon easier. Still requires some knowledge about the C64, as it does not check for impossible hardware configs: It lets you switch on all kinds of cartridge emulations at the same time, which would not work on a real C64 either :-) (more hardware features omitted - see Wiki).

Oh, and it's "beta", which means that lots of work still needs to be done (and has been done!) on the firmware. All bugs are public - we're 100% open about every bit of work that still needs to be done. The Chameleon is already the best C64 core, but it's not perfect yet. We work systematically on all known bugs, and we welcome everyone who wants to join in and do more tests. If you expect a perfect product, the Chameleon is not for you. Not yet.

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