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I don't know what to say now, I tought it was a bug in WinUAE.

I have been having three 256 color icons (the ones from Whdload: Slamtilt, Ruffntumble and Gods) and corrupted icon colors (especially visible on Slamtilt icon) and some others in other folders (i.e. IsharIII icon where blue sky turned black). Then I have "put away" those three icons from my Workbench screen and icon colors did change after restart but still looked strange (not genuine). Then I went to my games directory that contains 50 games with 256 color icons shown in just one folder. I placed them there and colors kept changing deforming each icon in a way.

So, conclusion is wherever I place those three icons (or any other icons, it seems it doesn't matter) the workbench icon color changes partially each time after WinUAE is restarted or emulated amiga reseted.

I don't know if full pallete will help and how (didn't tried it yet)? I thought AmigaOS 3.9 will handle icons without any workbench hacks.

I'm just curious, there are some huge 256 color icons distributions like Exoticons and others where one folder, for example S, has 80 icons shown in only one window without noticable icon color corruption.

I'm off to install and have fun with Fullpalette. Can I have some hints on how to configure it out?

Many thanks for all info....
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