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I've since re-formatted the card, after some really weird instances of it failing to be recognised by a number of card readers. I've reverted to an older USB2 Sandisk reader now, and it finally recognised the device and allowed me to partition and format it on a real A1200.

The CFD is a 4gb Sandisk Extreme IV, and the current format is as follows:

DH0: 1023M System
DH1: 1458M Apps
DH2: 1387M Documents

In hindsight, some fairly random values, but as I wasn't really expecting it to work, I didn't waste too much time trying to be exact. I changed the maxtransfer value to 0x1ffff on the advice of one of the tutorials, which I'm hoping isn't going to be a problem? Probably better to find out now before I get to far though

It now boots into WB3.1, and I will be installing lha and install as soon as I can. Although those tutorials are quite useful, they don't describe the features/benefits of installing the apps, so a re-booted novice like myself can't make informed decisions as to whether I even need them, or whether they will work with my A1200. I should be getting an ACA card from Amigakit sometime this week, so I'll be doing more on the real Amiga than I've been able to do so far, but would like to be somewhere near ready for it when it arrives
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