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Yes the the filtering mode is always "default".

I made this screenshot above with my standard windowed WinUAE config (PAL High Res Laced / max. Overscan 724x566) after changing the screen mode to DBLPAL High Res No Flicker.

I didn't change anything in the filter settings.
It's the same config i used for the older screenshots.
Only the boot drive has changed a little.

If you say VGA like (30khz+) screenmodes got larger borders, do i have to use a bigger window now to avoid the resizing of the screen/display?

But while changing from PAL to DBLPAL the screensize (640x512 or 724x566) should remain the same.

When i change from PAL High Res Laced to DBLPAL High Res No Flicker on my Dell monitors the screen size and screen position remains the same.
The only difference is, the "Laced" mode is flickering like hell since these monitors are not made for interlaced screen modes.
So i'm using PAL High Res Laced only with WinUAE, TVs and 1084S monitors.

EDIT: btw .. with PAL High Res Laced (max. overscan 724x566) the screen fills the whole window. That's why i use a window size of 724x566.

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