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Having a problem with the latest available WinUAE 2.8.2 beta-2014.07.19:

Problem did not appear in Beta 3-2014.07.11 and also not in previous versions. Problem appears with an HDF Files with the OS 3.x System from Amiga Forever installed in combination with Amikit 1.7 - Winuae is freezing.

Guess it has something to do with the new added functions in Ram settings - I had no problem launching HDF's with various Amiga OS installed so far in the previous 2.8.1 version and tried betas.

Attached is the detailed Winuae debug log and the test config


And after experimenting a bit more with the same HDF File and config it crashed. I tried to deactivate the additional options in the Ram settings which are new in 2.8.2 to match as much as possible the previous stable version aka deactivating "autoconfig z2 fast ram" and "JIT direct compatible Z3 memory mapping".


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