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Wow once again Toni! Thanks you so much for the beta!!

I've been trying it out and the new message looks really great. There are a couple of things I just thought I'd mention:

1. When pressing the key I defined to trigger "Next disk image in DF0:", the message says "DFO:-" for 4 seconds, then "DFO: <name of disk>" for a further 4 seconds. I just wondered if the "DFO:-" delay of 4 seconds is necessary? Its just when I'm rapidly triggering "Next disk image in DF0:" to search for a disk, it would be good to see the names of the disk flash by until I spot the one I need.

2. I'm pretty certain this next one would only ever be a problem for me. My arcade/Amiga machine has a 26 inch widescreen LCD mounted vertically. The screen's very top and very bottom are hidden by the bezel surround I made (Purely for aesthetics, so basically I reduced the aspect ratio from 9:16, to be more like 9:14, view it here if you are interested,115188.0.html). Unfortunately, the new disk message is hidden by my bezel. Do you think there is anything that can be done to somehow place the message in the center of the screen?? I feel bad asking for this as where you have placed the message (bottom left) is the ideal spot for everybody, its just me who got this problem because I made a silly bezel!

Once again many thanks for you time
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