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Originally Posted by simon_m74 View Post
I`m just doing a very basic copy, of opening two windows, and dragging icons from one to another - one at a time!
You don't see all icons if you don't select "window -> show -> all files" from the menu. And even then drag and drop is not a 1:1 copy. Workbench always changes icon positions and such when moving icons.

Missing files cause the empty boot window.

The icon you'll never see in Workbench is That's the file which holds the drive icon. You have to copy this from a Shell.

You can copy all files from the shell. Select "execute command" from the menu and enter newshell.

Then enter

copy dh0: to dh1: all clone
Replace dh0 and dh1 by the names of your partitions. That's a real 1:1 copy.
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