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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
Do you work directly from the card or from an image of it? Unstable card reader/USB connection? Every time it crashes it will likely have corrupted the file system which should be fixed before continuing.

In my experience, FFS does not handle crashes well and then if your source partition is using FFS with errors, it could easily crash the system when you are trying to copy files from it.
I am copying the original data from old original scsi HDD (50Mb and 100mb drives) from an A3000, to a `working` drawer on my workbench drive that sits on my PC.
Once all data was copied to the working folder, I attach the larger single drive - also original scsi (1GB)

I tried to format the drive with FFS and without. same problem.

My biggest issue is to get the drive to boot - what am I missing ?
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