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I can understand not recording from real hardware in most cases. Connecting each machine up to the soundcard, playing the music, splicing it up, naming and tagging. It's all a bit dull and takes a great deal of time.

Just something that would be cool on your website, is to show whether each release was from real hardware or not. I was browsing through your MD releases but there doesn't seem to be a way to tell. Tagging each release with emulated or real would be a great bonus!

Emulated recordings are not interesting to me. Even if the sound is cleaner or sounds "better", the feeling is not quite there. I do a fair bit of lossless MD and C64 recording myself and it's nice to hear the real thing warts and all But, yes it is a pain, getting all the machines togethor, hooking them up and recording, splicing them in Audacity. The work is quite dull.
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