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ok i made some tests with 2 screens:
1) playing in fullscreen on 2 monitors give problems because, i have to launch the 1st winuae and untrap the mouse to launch the second and the 1st is minimized... then i try to untrap the 2nd to open the which was minimized, the 2 nd minimize itself and so on !!!!
I can't use full-window because with my tv (2nd monitor) the screen blink.
2) if i try windowed, it works but it always launches the 2 winuae sessions in the same screen even if i select the good screen in the menu (windowed mode) , and if i try to set the controllers during the 2 winuae session are launched, the settings seem to mix together between the 2 winuae sessions.edited : i don't think the 2 settings are mixing, it seems winuae changes itself the controllers configs... And something more confusing, some time even if the 1st controller is set to mouse (default) i can move the selector in lotus 2 menu with the 2 xbox 360 pad.

ps : for the moment it works if you set the 2 configs in windowed mode and set everything else before launching the 2 winuae sessions.
like this, there is no mixing between the configs.

ps: i hope i wasn't too long and understable ???

edited : even in windowed mode : it seems often set the controllers by itself (strange) port 1 : xbox 360 controller 1 and port 2 : xbox 360 controller 2 even if i set differently at launch ???
I did the test in quick start mode amiga 500 most common, best compatibility.

But anyway really thank you Toni, it's great to play 2p on 2 separate screens !!!

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