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I am experiencing a weird bug with BetterWB 3.6 and hope somebody can help me fix this.

I have an Amiga 500 (PAL, rev 6A), modded to have 1MB Chip RAM, and have installed Kipper2k's A508 which gives me a CF-IDE and 8MB Fast RAM. I also have a 68010 processor on this unit.

I installed Workbench 3.1 and have 3 partitions on my 4GB CF card at 320MB (DH0), 1.7GB (DH1) and 1.7GB (DH2). When I switch over to GlowIcons, I am unable to create a folder (drawer) via Workbench or more correctly, I can create one (using RA-N), but when I try to open the folder with a double-click, the whole workbench hangs on me. However, switching over to the standard icons and this problem goes away. I can also just use GlowIcons, but must remember to create my folders via shell.

Anybody have this problem or have a solution? I love glowicons as the workbench looks pretty boring without 'em but have this strange problem. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!

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