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Repulse and 060 demo


I have a strange problem here and I cannot understand why my Amiga reacts like this. First my config :

A2000 rev6
Mega chip
Tekmagic 060
Buddha flash Phoenix Edition
Repulse sound card
Piccolo SD64 with CGX4 (updates installed)
Indivision ECS
Thylacine USB card

The problem is that I do not have any sound when trying to watch Elude's demo's (display is ok). I was able to play those demos when my RTG card was a GVP Spectrum (Under P96) and no sound card installed.

Unfortunately I installed the Piccolo sd64 and the Repulse at the same time and do not know wich one is causing this issue.

What is working : everything except sound in 060 demos (that support RTG) : MP3, AHI games, native amiga sounds are all working.

I tried : removing the repulse init software and everything related to it in the user startup but still the same.

So is there any issue whith audio modes with CGX4 ? In general I use Picasso96 but this time I wanted to use this RTG environment.
Is it a repulse problem ?

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