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That is exactly what was happening.. An Amiga posting NOT AN OFF-TOPIC posting.

Maybe it is repetitive.. but lets be honest.. how much NEW stuff is there to talk about?

Not much thats how much.. so there is going to be some repetition.

The arguing is petty.. and just seems to be the way it is nowadays..


As for MODs.. there is a fine line between what a mod can say/do and the rest of us..

Some mods start arguments, or flame users or wont give users a new chance for example Akira and Marz/Methodgit, for a long while when Marz came back he got nothing but shit from Akira, now if it had been 2 other members a mod would have popped in to say stop this pointlessness but.. Akira was allowed to call him names in most threads as and when he wanted (Members like Fred was also allowed!)..

Marz has my full admiration for taking the shit and not responding negatively, and proving he was finally growing up, but does that give Akira (or any other mod) the right to verally abuse a user who RCK has obviously given a second chance (or any other user for that matter)?

(Akira don't take it personally, I could only think of this example off the top of my head, and doesn't mean I view you any differently.. you are a great guy in most respects).


Maybe it is time we ALL grew up, didn't respond negatively to threads, even if it is a repetitive thread.. and maybe you mods can actually moderate what needs moderating (Flame wars/ Spamming/ proper off-topic pointless threads etc.) and leave the other on-topic stuff alone...


Also how is this thread making EAB run non-smooth? it was fine until Amigaboy replied (And became rocky ground AFTER, maybe Djay over-reacted etc.. maybe I did also, for which I apologise!!!)

Anyhow enuff off my pointless off-topic reply that doesn't make sense etc...


(Maybe this thread should be closed now (or deleted completely)
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