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Winuae strange freezing.

I have an extremely strange issue with WinUAE at the moment.

Whenever I start the emulation (so when I click start on the config window) or when I quit the emulator after emulation has started, or when I release focus and take it back, my entire system freezes for exactly 15 seconds, and I do mean exactly.

During this freezing, I cannot use the mouse or interact with my system in any way, and if I have music playing from other sources, it cuts out after about 7 seconds.

I have included the winuae logs.

I have also ran a profiler in kernel mode, to see where the holdup is during this period, and during these 15 seconds, winuae is waiting for a function call completely internal to winuae to resolve.

Lastly, to confirm that my gpu drivers are not the issue, I have checked the dpc latency of my gpu drivers to determine if it's them that are freezing for exactly 15 seconds, however I see no unusual response times.

Since it is always exactly 15 seconds, I'm assuming that winuae is waiting for something, and then that call is timing out after 15 seconds.

Please advise.
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