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Just ignore them DJay...
it doesn't really matter...

i just thought it would of been interesting to know what other EAB'ers look out for on Ebay or whatever... the *9* games you just HAVE TO OWN in their original form...

as Akira quite rightly points out "Nothing Beats The Real Thing"....

but hey, i don't wanna rock any boats... if its boring idea, then fine, its a boring idea... although i thought it was a good idea, the "pointless list" quote was a bit of fun, and 9 titles?!?! well, why not... i was fed up with the boring list of *10*...

i as you may of noticed i deleted all my posts... why? because i got a little pissed off, re-reading, i thought "for Gods sake its only a message bored", "don't let it get to you"... although to me EAB has always been !^NOT^! just another message board, i've always considered EAB a community, i consider a lot of people at EAB remote-friends...

maybe EAB lost a little "shine" that day

i don't subscribe to any other message boards (i have a quick check of Emu-Uk once in a while), but EAB is my home(page)!!!!

nevermind... water under the bridge.... on to the next topic!!!

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