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Thanks a lot pandy71 for the details.

I checked your updated ffmpg command line. It gives an improved and smaller output.

I re-assembled the asm code of the hamvid player provided by and removed the cpu depending delay loop in the end. It was very slow on slow machines. Here are the few lines of code that I changed:

;    --------------------------------------------------------------------

        move.w #15,$96(a5)    ; dmacon - turn off audio

        moveq #99,d5
        move.l _GfxBase(pc),a6
.delay: jsr _LVOWaitTOF(a6)
        dbf d5,.delay

        move.w #$8020,$96(a5) ; dmacon - turn sprites back on

I also found a bug in the program in the exit code, that may crash the machine:

        move.l _WBenchMsg(pc),d0
        beq.s .notwb
        move.l a0,a1 ; must be d0,a1
        jsr _LVOForbid(a6) ; Not sure that a1 is not modified!
        jsr _LVOReplyMsg(a6)
The code should be changed to this:

        move.l _WBenchMsg(pc),d6
        beq.s .notwb
        jsr _LVOForbid(a6)
        move.l d6,a1
        jsr _LVOReplyMsg(a6)
In the end I have added Workbench project file support. So, you may have now an icon for your video and use as tool now. In the same way, as you would do it for a text file.

If anyone is interessed, I can send the updated file. Finally I will send the changes to

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