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Unhappy Partitions not showing in Real A1200


My first post and unfortunately is a bit of an odd issue this. Ive been in to the emulation scene for many years now and been tinkering with winuae etc for a while.

So I decided to put a 60gig HDD in to my A1200 with an 8mb expansion board.

In winuae I have set up the drive with HDToolBox and all SFS as follows:

DHO: Small WB partition
DH1: Small Apps Partition
DH2: Large Demos Partition
DH3: Large Games Partition.

After spending hours transferring WHDLoad Gemes/Demos and general apps on to the partitions, it all runs swimminly beautiful in winuae.

Now, here is my issue:

I remove the HDD and plug it in to my beloved Miggy, the system boots up straight in to WB as expected at uber speed....but where are my other partitions DH1:2: AND 3??

Nothing, zilch, nadda

So I boot up HDToolBox and its all there, the partitions, advanced options with SFS\00 etc all set to 1FE00 as expected.

Please see the below screen shots, can someone help??

Winuae (all present and correct)

Real Amiga a1200 WB Screen

Advanced Options screen (same for all)

DH0:1:2:3 Screens

I would really appreciate some advice.


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