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Originally Posted by jsr View Post
wav28svx is clearer, sox is more muffled.
Sox prevent aliasing this is why it is "muffled" -
try this one with sox
@sox --multi-threaded --buffer 131072 -S -V -D "%1" "%1.8svx" remix - rate -v -s -I -b 99 -a 16754 gain -n -0.14 dither -S stats -b 8
(it works under Windows but i hope same parameters can be used under linux)

btw "muffled" sound can be overcome by using gentle preemphasis filter (highpass)
@sox --multi-threaded --buffer 131072 -G -S -V -D "%1" "%1.8svx" remix - treble 6.0206 4000 rate -v -s -I -b 99 -a 16754 gain -n -0.103

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