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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
"Next disk image in DF0:" and "Previous disk image in DF0:" should do what you want if image names have supported format (game_name_disk 1.adf and game_name_disk_2.adf or similar, see below). This has nothing to do with Disk Swapper.

From old changelog (with confusing explanation):
Wow thanks for the quick response Toni and thank you all your hard work on this excellent emulator!

Remapping the "Next disk image in DF0:" option works great! I did not realize repeated presses of just "Next disk image in DF0:" actually loops through the disks. Something else you've just taught me, I thought the disks needed to be in the disk swapper list for this to work, good to know this is an unnecessary step. I should read the docs more carefully!!

I think my only wish then, is to have some form of temporary on-screen message (lasting for a few seconds), just letting you know the name of the disk that is newly inserted when the "Next disk image in DF0:" is triggered. It would just me give confidence that the right disk is in the drive after the game has requested it. At the moment, I just feel a bit blind when swapping between 3 disks using a single fire button (As the disk swapping happens silently, its a case of trying to remember what disk was last inserted, then working out how many times to press the "Next disk image in DFO:" button to achieve the desired swap). Hope that makes sense?

I realize I'm in the minority requesting this modification, not sure how much it would benefit others? Just thought I'd ask if anything could be done as I'd very much appreciate it
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