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Disk swapping on arcade machine with only a few fire buttons

Hi! I run WinUAE v2.8.1 on my arcade machine. There are a limited amount of fire buttons on my control panel, so for games that require multiple disk swaps, I've had to remap certain buttons to swap from disk to disk. This can get a bit confusing when trying to run many different games, each having its own WinUAE configuration, trying to remember what button I remapped to trigger a particular disk swap.

There are a quite a few amiga games that are on multiple disks, that only support a single drive (DF0). What would be really helpful is if I could map a single key, that when pressed would rotate through the disks in the disk swapper list, inserting a different disk into DF0 each time. Additionally, once the disk in DF0 changes, some text appears on-screen for a few seconds, temporarily letting you know the name of the newly inserted disk.

What would be absolutely ideal (though I realize this is a big ask) is if there was a single button I could press, used to invoke/close a simple disk swapping menu. When invoked, I could then use the amiga joystick organize the disks.

Thanks for reading!
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