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Originally posted by Echo
I've found it now, but it doesn't seem to speed up any more than the default game when comparing an A500 to A1200, or UAE.

However, I also found a hd install of Stunt Track(?) Racer by Codetapper, which features a turbo mode. Enabling turbo makes my A1200 run at speeds of the original '1200 enhanced' SCR, however running it on UAE really shifts it fast - something like 500% faster. But it's not ideal because it speeds up the whole game rather than draw more frames per second. It is very smooth, but you need reactions of a cheetah
You have to press one of the Function keys, I think it was F1-F3 if memory serves me right, it wasn't defaulted to fast.

Where do you think Codetapper got the code to make the WHDLoad version have a Turbo
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