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Amiga 1200 Graphic Problems -=Please Help=-

I've had several Amiga 1200 computers over the years. The first one, I purchased at Software hut on the web during the late 90's or so. It was brand new and came in a big colorful box with a fairly large software and AGA game bundle. It was only $199 and I was really happy with it.

A couple of years later, I don't remember why, but I sold it. I guess I needed the cash but I always regretted it. Anyway, about 5 or 6 years ago I bought another one. The one I currently own seems to be an original model made by commodore. It even has a small commodore plastic logo on the the keyboard top left corner. My previous A1200 had an Amiga logo with a colorful check mark. Therefore I am assuming this is an original model.

My current 1200 has a VGA port modded into the back, a squirrel SCSI adapter that I use for a CD ROM, and a 69040 (it may be a 68030) accelerator with 32 megs memory. I was happy to get it, it was everything I wanted in an Amiga with the exception of a mini tower case.

I'm having a problem with some games. Some games play horribly with graphic glitches. Many games work great. I use a kick start disk and play with the boot configuration and get many older games to work fine. I also don't have any problems with games like roadkill, pinball illusions, Project X, Super Stardust, but some games just play horribly because of graphic glitches. Some of the game plagued with the graphic glitches are Disposable Hero (such a great game too), Banshee, and super skid-marks. There are more, but off the top of my head, those are the ones I have always loved the most. Banshee has big blotches on the screen where the graphics are messed up.

Could this be a problem with my motherboard? Is there anyway to tell. Can I fix it. At first, I just thought it was flicker from the VGA port so I hooked up up an RGB and a composite monitor and it did the same exact thing. It doesn't matter if the system has been running a while or If I just turned it on, so it's not a heat issue. I thought maybe the 68040 accelerator was the problem, so I took it out, it did the same thing.

As far as the VGA monitor goes, I can run workbench and other apps in hirez without any problems. Also, I seem to have pretty good luck running demos as well.

Other Info : I'm running OS 3.5 on the machine, but I use various degraders and kickstart disks to make older games work. The games that have glitches, I have tried everything along with all the different versions and different boot combinations with no luck. Even when I use the CD32 option with my CD-rom and run the CD-32 version, I still get the glitches. With Disposable hero and banshee. In Disposable Hero, the ship disappears during the game and it doesn't run well at all.

It makes me mad bad that I can play these games under uae on my PC better than I can on the actual hardware.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jeffrey Gibson
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