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Thanks a lot James. I see:
"Please look into this matter, MUI should start without problems when cybergraphics.library is not available, and not crash with a GURU. Older MUI checked for the cgx.lib on startup, and if it was not available happily continued to load, the current builds are hammering for it and come to a dead end. If some of the new functions heavily rely on some of the functionalities in CGX then those functions should be restricted in function but remain in adequate working condition (without candy)."

That is what crash the system when opening iBrowse without CyberbugFix.

"Update: Using CGXAGA driver enables starting of current MUI builds under AGA,
but then the results are the same as with CGX/RTG 8-bit. Trashed images (only old style MWB images in prefs work)"

Talking about the bad images in the prefs I commented.

And yes, I see they don't have much interest in the no RTG versions, but I won't repeat their comments; I just hope they will find a way to fix this. ... If they started this version they will have to finish it now .

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