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Thanks Ervin. That config works really well, totally smooth!

I'm still baffled what setting is doing it though, I'm trying to replicate your settings into my favourite A1200 config and can't get it as smooth. The thing I noticed making the most difference though was the JIT settings. Not even sure what this is doing, but the cache appears to smooth out game framerates. It also helps in Xtreme Racing.

Maybe I'll just work from yours and change that to what my old one was.

Wow, this config absolutely flies when I set up my Workbench config over it! Boots even faster, entering directories is literally like a ram disk. 64k megademos run excessively fast, I shall have to dig out the amazing TBL ones over the last few years. They were always spoiled a little by a low framerate.

I don't know what setting is causing this, but thanks again

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