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Originally Posted by Mclane View Post
Hi ya Angus, we used to chat Amiga in the group where I was Paul 'Mclane' Irvine..

Nice to see you are still around, wonder where Julie and all the Gremlin guys like James etc are

Me, I'm older, fatter and proud owner of a 14yr Daughter....

Hope you and yours are fine the the old photography is keeping your pocket full.
Well, I'm hanging in there just about. My recollection is that "I'm too old for this sh1t" was a line you used on occasion in between sending me the odd G-Police demo, which is remembered with gratitude. G-Police, kind of like that Amiga game 3D game set in San Francisco with the hover bike things and the controversial interrogations.... I think. Vektor Grafiks?
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