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Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
Hi Guys, Just letting everyone know that a new Amiga game called Centron 3D is now in developed for the Commodore Amiga.

The developers RPC-Games based in Austrialia were also producing this for the Atari 8-bit platform but suspended the devlopment due to the ridicule it received on another forum, but its worth a mention here, here's what they had to say
Jesus wept, who the hell designed THAT title screen?

"Here son, cobble some pictures together for me will ya?"

A DeLorean, A planet, An astronaut, a worryingly happy looking rainbow cloud and a shiny red ball.

And the name........ it a new type of connector for peripherals? A tablet to beat heart burn?

Is this actually Serious?

EDIT: Apparently it IS serious...... what? And whats that nonsense about Atariage forum? And where the fuck was the spell checker in all of that?!? .... and... WTF?!?!!?
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