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Originally Posted by spud View Post
Does this mean it won't work on my Amiga Technologies Amiga A1200
It means you may never seen the game anyway..

I don't want to bash a dev but the dealings we had with him on the 8bit forum left even the most hardened supporters and genuine devs just annoyed and disappointed about the whole thing.

It was announced with a big hoo hah and then we eventually got the odd mock up screen shot that apparently used a new super mode that didn't flicker, a mode some our most talented devs could sort of recreate but not without the flicker.

We were told it did not flicker...(it did he admitted later)

With less than a few weeks to release there were no in game screen shots so we begged / asked / take it how you like for in game stuff, 23 shots were then posted, the problem was that it was an identical screen shot with only the background changed, we are talking pixel perfect bar the background.

So we asked for a demo we could test on real hardware or youtube video, no demo was provided but a youtube video was posted but again it was not in game and only a main sprite was moving, to many of us it looked mock up because despite being less than a week to launch no one was shown the game running and this was a buyable game.

Much doubt was given to if the game existed and on the day of release it was withdrawn on the basis it had got to much negative comments by us. He and another so called worker asked us to all apologise and it would be released, many including me who was targeted as a main 'conspirator' by RPC did offer apologies if we had been rude but the game is still removed and now it seems its your turn.

Please please do not take my word for it, look around for Centron 3D threads as I'm not here to publicise another forum that I'm ALSO a member of. When you find it read the few threads including the last one and I think you'll agree that we were on the large part VERY supportive even when it was starting to be clear there was an issue..

Again, don't take my word, look and read, we as on here have some wonderful freeware devs and even folks like on the C64 who sell fantastic cheap new games, we really support our devs 100% as does any platform these days that is retro.

I can only hope this does not turn into a carbon copy of what happened with us, I love all my fave formats (Atari 8bit, C64 and Amiga computer wise).
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