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The Toaster could do what it did because of the hardware design of the Amiga, and because it had a multitasking operating system.

It would be possible to do it for a PC, but it would have to run Linux/UNIX/QNX/BeOS or MicroSoft server OS as these are the one's that support multitasking in the right way, it would need a custom GFX card for the output, which would then feed the Toaster card - although the Matrox G400/450/550 or Parhelia cards would possibly do the job, with their independant outputs.

You still need to spend thousands on the PC/video card combo for BQ output - A4000 and Toaster will do it for under £1200, under £1500 with a good NTSC/PAL converter.

Neither Pyro or myself have claimed the Toaster is still the best, but it is, still, good value for money, and easy to use; and that's what most people are wanting.
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