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Amiga games mentioned in new magazine

Was just reading a copy of a gadget magazine called 'Stuff' from March '14 and saw that they mentioned (and had screenshots of) several Arcade, Amiga, C64 etc. games in a section with 'Best Games Ever'. Here's the Amiga mentions in the various categories:

Funniest Games: Space Quest 3, Secret of Monkey Island (screenshot was from MI2 though)
Gory: Mortal Combat
Joyriding: Stunt Car Racer
Cerebral: Lemmings, Supremacy
Influential: SimCity
Punchy: IK+, Speedball 2
Climbing: Prince of Persia
Other: Xenon 2: Megablast

Nice that the Amiga has not been forgotten, even in the mainstream magazines.
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