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Has anyone actually used Tequilla ?

More a utility prob than a apps prob but here I go.

I've read some previous posts about Tequilla but they have not helped. Tequilla seems to compress an adf file on the pc and writes it onto a 720k msdos floppy. Then through cross dos the compressed adf can be transfered to an amiga floppy via the amiga part of Tequilla.

My problem starts just after the pc stage when the adf is compressed and written to the 720k floppy. Then I can no longer read from the floppy on the pc or the amiga via cross dos.

The docs say an error can happen if Tequilla is used in windows but I've been using it in msdos mode.

Can anyone help ? Also can anyone recommend a similar utility that will work with an A500 1meg ks 1.3 setup ?
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