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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
I should imagine they do, they are just the old Kempston interface. If the Sega uses that same as most old computers, they should be OK.
Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
As long as the Mega Drive uses standard 9 pin joystick ports it'll work! Unlike the Sinclair scam of altering the pinouts on the +2/+3 and forcing you to buy 'special' Sinclair Joysticks FFS!!

I might actually pony up and buy one of them Comp Pros having considered that most on ebay are 2nd hand! Wonder if Amigakit will stock them?
Thank you.
I suppose the fire button act like A button.

Originally Posted by dirkies View Post
The originals were Suzo sticks & dipswitches, explains why they were unbreakable. These remakes for pc were cheap clones, the interior being completely different and inferior, explaining why so many break after a while. The Suzo ones feel also heavier and use leaf contacts for the buttons, remakes use clicky cheap dipswitches.
Are these ones again solid Suzo models or just the same plasticky clones with a db9 connector?
I got two PC remakes and they are great. Good quality, no lag. I can't say this about the ones from limited editions-transparent, blue. They tend to break quite easily. The plastic parts in the limited edition are probably different to the plastic parts used in the regular black and red edition.
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