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Originally posted by andreas
This is not a bug.
Actually, Akira (our real-Amiga fanatic and emulator "disser") should have been able to tell you this before I even had the chance to react.

Do you really think that an external drive hot-plugged into a real Amiga is going to make DF1: show up in no time at all?
No, sir. Reboot is necessary. I think Bernd and Toni just wanted to blueprint the behavior of a real Amiga.
I too would like to have a feature of "hot-plugging" a drive (i. e. enabling drive while WinUAE is running), but it would not be "Amiga".
That's not what I meant. I add the drive *before* I start the emulation, but it doesn't show up anyway. However, all drives that are included in the saved config works.

This problem doesn't exist in 0.8.22 R4

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