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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Why couldn't you connect them in parallel and turn one of them off?
VIC chips can't be "turned off" - you'd have to remove the chip completely from the bus, but if you just cut power, it'll block the bus, so the C64 won't work at all.

Originally Posted by klx300r View Post
extra chip ram for the A1000 is amazing any chance of this board also having a built in RTC ?
I am not designing-in RTC chips any more, but I add ports for the RTC module. This way, every customer can make a decision on his own if he/she wants to pay for an RTC or not. Some just want to play games, so an RTC isn't worth it. Others who always want to have the file creation date(s) on their harddrive to be in line with reality will happily pay 19,90 EUR for an RTC module.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
15 euro's? I'm looking at the page now and it's reading 30.50 euro's plus p+p. Still worth it though.
The 14,90EUR figure is an old one from the last production run. This time, Speedlink has heavily increased the price _and_ the minimum order quantity. If these sell as fast as the last ones, I may reach a break-even sometime in 2016.

The 30,50 EUR figure includes PayPal fees. If you enter the coupon code "NoPayPal", you'll get to the "real" price of 29,90 EUR.

I have corrected the price list and put some additional info on the product pages. That website is about to be replaced, so I hardly maintain it. I'm *so* much looking forward to the new website and shop system (WIP)!

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