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Question Amiga 1000

How much should I pay for this?
Amiga 1000, kickstart: 1.1, 1.2 en 1.3 (original) with workbench. Also Kindword, Dpaint and games. Memory 256 k RAM, no HD. RGB, NTSC video. Printer: star LC20. The EHB mode is not available.

If I would buy it, and I think I will, I want to upgrade it to so that it will become fully compatible with an (european) Amiga 500 (maybe with HD). Is this possible? What would I need to do to make it A500 compatible?

I had owned an A500 (later an +) but always loved the A1000 model. It was like something I could never own... that can change now. But... The old A1000 is pretty useless if it doesn't run all and any Amiga 500 compatible software. For later software I can use my Amiga 1200.

In the hope you can help,
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