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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I don't agree with the goals of his project, but I can clearly see why he is frustrated and I hardly think that calling it a "shitty community" warrants a ban, as much as I disagree with the comment.
Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
I like the project so far, been following the forum threads with interest. What pissed people off was Gunnar's "shitty community" remark, including me.

Should we just bend over and take that? I think not.

After the ban is over an apology is in order.
Thanks for all the views expressed in this thread. Gunnar clearly has much to chew over during the next week.

Everyone who contributed to this thread needs to understand that in a thread designed to gauge the honest opinions of our members, it is not acceptable behaviour to then confront them, dismissing their comments and go on to make derogatory remarks concerning the whole Amiga community, and it is for that which Gunnar has been justifiably banned.
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