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Gunnar & Co:
A cpu+memory expansion would be a wonderful thing. I think it would sell no matter what if you had gfx and network going or not. The Amiga crowd left would probably jump at the opportunity to have the fastest ever machine. IMO it should be at least 100% 020 compatible, and it would be a real big boost for you if it was 040 with MMU.
The only question is how big the current market is, and if any customers would feel "cheated" if you later did an NG-Amiga-on-a-chip (a la SOCKIT).

As it is, I am still waiting for FPGAArcade to materialize, and still hope it will. And IMO an NG solution should carry over all the legacy connections, including floppy, so I'm not 'all there' about the SOCKIT, though as always if "the price is right" I'd probably get it anyway, just because.

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