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I couldn't agree more.

And this thread has descended into nothing more than a school-ground argument. You would have thought that by 2014 most amiga enthusiasts from the 80s and 90s would have grown up a bit

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Thought I was on after reading this thread

As a casual user of classic Amiga hardware (A1200) I am a 'potential' customer of any suitable hardware that will replace my ageing (but still working machine) when the time comes.

I don't want to pay silly money for high-end' systems, just something that will give an authentic Amiga experience with some modern tweaks (faster/Bigger HD access, faster CPU and standard VGA/HDMI O/P).

I'd pay between £100 - £200 for a bare bones system (something like the MiniMIG).

Am I totally off my trolly asking for this type of product for that price in 2014?
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