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This is a diverse community, it only appears "shitty" when you fail to realize that.

Ranging from dedicated classic hardware fans who use their 68k Amiga daily (I'm one of them), through PPC (X1000, Sam, Mac mini, etc.) power users on MorphOS or AmigaOS 4, Minimig and similar FPGA based projects, retro gamers using emulators, Aros developers, demo coders, all the way to those who just want an Amiga case for their PC.

I think it's safe to say all these factions love Amiga, in one way or another, some feel at home in any camp, others don't.

However, the love for Amiga doesn't mean all of us are eagerly waiting for the next Amiga hardware iteration that will take the world by storm, many of us tossed that idea when Commodore went belly up. However, we enjoy Amiga anyway.


So you coded a new fancy 68k state machine you want to sell? Great, you came to the right place. Just remember you are selling something, don't shove it down our throats by trying to win arguments in the forum, instead, show us what you got, sell a few, if it's good there will be plenty of buyers.

You want our respect, earn it. As you probably figured out by now, some of us code VHDL/Verilog, know electronics, have been reverse engineering both hardware and software in any shape or form since the dawn of the integrated circuit. There are several 68k assembler professors in this forum as well (counting the years of experience they are way past doctor degree, hehe), they continue to impress daily with their knowledge, making me feel humble and eager to learn new stuff. Then we have the Amiga collectors who owns pretty much every model there is and just can't wait find that next missing piece of history, knowing more than Commodore ever did about every little revision there ever was, documenting, restoring, constantly trading, and helping out. Same goes for the ones involved with Amiga games/software, development, preservation, cracking, WHDLoad, website contributors, gaming competitions, customizing, and it just goes on and on.


Thanks for standing up for us, I feel less shitty now. Still, I think Leffmann has a point about the ban.

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