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being a forum moderator is more like being a sheriff in the wild west than a police officer in a stable democracy i guess, the rules are really more like guidelines, applied with discretion and a bit of common sense. Some people are going to agree with any decision, and some people not. So it goes.

I'm not going to start blaming anyone or criticising because i can kind of see the point of both sides. Gunnar is doing something that is possibly the best thing ever done in the Amiga scene and all he gets from some people is doubt and dismissal, which must be very frustrating, then he snaps and he's the bad guy, well maybe he didn't react in the best possible way because I think he is very passionate and tends to get excited about whatever he is doing.

i'm just a little sad this happened, i don't pretend to know the best way to deal with it i only hope we don't scare him off the forum for good.

of course all those people who were waiting for Natami or FPGA Arcade or whatever are also getting quite frustrated as well, it's been a rocky road but it looks to me like it's starting to come together now. FPGAs are better and cheaper and more readily available than they used to be.
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