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Just got a mail where I was informed that Gunnar is banned from this forum.
I must say few things.
The thing you said that he aggressively promoting his ideas, you should think twice about that statement. He is just pointing about the things no one notices.
When I was saying all of the "nasty" things about some Amiga community members everyone attacked me. And again I will say that I have never seen community like this, ever, and I will say again "AMIGA COMMUNITY IS JUST TALK TALK COMMUNITY".

Here are the facts from inside apollo team:
I told Gunnar that soon enough he will find out that no matter what he build he will be stopped in number of ways from those who are thinking that they must decide in what direction Amiga should go. He didn't trusted me.
From the moment we build IRC channel lot of work is done. Behind the scene, every single day we was there for number of hours working.

About Gunnar: My privilege was and is to work with him, to learn from him. Maybe you are not aware about his HUGE knowledge. And all of us should be happy to have him interested into Amiga at all. His motivation is amazing. In fact only person who can bring back Amiga into life is Gunnar, no one else. He always had a patience for me and I don't know him as a person some of you are trying to describe.

So this is again situation for me where I am thinking again about conspiracy theories about the group of ppl who want's to see amiga stays like it is now.

Just like someone waited for first "mistake" from him to do something like this. Instead to having all of us supporting the project, united, we catch each word from someone to punish him. This is the last chance and yet you place a ban to someone who writes amazing facts here on this forum and those facts can be used by future developers.

I m out, again making quote from my text 3 years ago: "That is the main reason why Amiga is going nowhere".
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