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Originally Posted by meckert View Post
And ACA 1000 ? a very much extended version of the ACA500, and therefore requires more development. I want that to also include a 2M Chipram expansion, so it'll be a mixed internal/external unit (small board that goes into Agnus socket, cable to the outside world and the accelerator plugged to the side). No idea when I can start working on that - sorry.

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
The PAL/NTSC switch of C64 Reloaded is super cool. Is it possible to make that also switch between PAL/NTSC VICs? Since there is extra room on the motherboard it would be great to have sockets for each.
Two VIC chips in the same computer would mean more logic than having two mainboards. The VIC is "the" bus master in the C64, and it cannot be configured to be a slave. If I'd want to design a mainboard with two VIC chips, a whole bunch of additional logic would be required to completely remove the unused VIC chip from the bus. That's not worth it - if you want something that can be switched from PAL to NTSC and back, the Chameleon will be the cheaper solution.

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