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I think banning Gunnar was unfair, and it seems to me, TCD, that you just dislike Gunnar and have been sitting ready at the guns, looking for any excuse to ban him. I see nothing in the rules about mild swearing and expressing your disappointment.

When I read through the threads Gunnar has been posting in, I see TCD, Britelite, Meynaf, Stingray etc. antagonizing him, when all he's trying is to do something good for Amiga. No wonder he says the community has a shitty attitude. I think the Amiga community is shitty sometimes too, will I be getting a ban now as well?

The only admin I would trust to use his full judgement and discretion before moderating or banning is Cody Jarrett, while the other admins seem to be just looking for opportunities to assert themselves from time to time. This kind of aggressive moderation only serves to make users have to look over their shoulders when posting, and it's damaging to the forum.
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