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I left for personal reasons: I didn't like the (ab)use of US law that transfers ownership of my content to the site owner, without me actively agreeing to this proceeding. I left when I found out that a) somebody made money on what I contributed to for free without me agreeing, and b) when the new owner (Bill) refused to delete my content. Granted, he was entitled to act that way by US law, so everything was perfectly legal from his point of view.

However, I'm European, and I don't like the American way of treating intellectual property rights, because I think that the laws apply double standards: Big corporations are granted lots of rights, and the "little man" is taken the rights to his content by a st*pid law that non-US users of the site aren't made aware of.
Actually ownership isn't transferred. You still own the content, the website just obtains a license to your work through the Terms of Service agreement. With user-generated content the general rule is that the creator of the content owns the underlying material. However, to further use the content in online mediums (such as a website), the creator grants a license to the website, allowing it to post the user-generated content in whatever manner specified in the Terms of Service agreement. So, while you may own the content, the website owns the wall and you have agreed that the website can use the content in whatever manner specified in the agreement.
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