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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
The only way I would consider using AROS instead of a real Amiga is if someone designed a PCI card with an Amiga chipset on it in FPGA form so AROS could use Amiga hardware instead of a software emulation. That would be cool.
The FPGA would have a reproduction of the chips anyway, why not do it in software? WinUAE is a great emulation. I need nothing but that.
People here know their stuff, so if someone can tell me what the advantage would be to have the Amiga hardware in an FPGA in a card in a computer versus a software version running in the computer, I'll learn something new today.

Interfacing with real Amiga classic hardware is an interesting idea, I guess some sort of I/O board could be developed. But a "PCI" card is only for desktop units and would leave laptops behind. A USB "breakout box" could be more useful.
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