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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
The only way I would consider using AROS instead of a real Amiga is if someone designed a PCI card with an Amiga chipset on it in FPGA form so AROS could use Amiga hardware instead of a software emulation. That would be cool.
You propably mean AROS on X86/X64 and using a custom PCI card instead of the graphic chip?

I cannot speak for others but for me it was always logical when you have limited resources than concentrate them on necessary areas with most priority and use components that are available. I replace components when neccessary and appropriate. Two examples are that I use Magellan as desktop (replacing Wanderer), Zune is replaced by MUI38 and to view Amigaguides I have included a software (datatypes has a error that was removed and later returned). So I do what is necessary to get the most I can. Original is of course the backbone like intuition, gadtools, CybergraphX 3 for RTG, AHI and then there are many components added. So for me priority always was to get best possible Amiga-environment. That is not possible on the other AROS branches so for classic fans AROS 68k is the only realistic option.
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