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just to put it straight i have never used the word "fake", however "forged" that i actually used might have been a wrong choice of words, as it actually meant to mean "artificial". as in, that the real advantages of the solution may only be proven when running actual amiga software.

that said im ready to apologize to gunnar for the misunderstanding and ensure that im supporting the project, and the technical choices outlined and while reserving my right to be skeptical i probably nevertheless would be ready to become an early adopter and tester if necessary.

what concerns "shitty community" comment it may not be the best way to react, but statements like that tend to go off in the heat of discussion and are difficult to back off. so since this is something im rater accustomed to, id lake to say that i dont feel offended, and would pledge that if gunnar was in fact restricted, to lift that measure.

as for trying to figure the overall consumer interest, it would be good to put up a sort of poll. the numbers might then be compared to the figures of active members. which result then might be approximated with the assumed population of community, which is rather difficult, i admit.
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