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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
well i think Amiga will always be a niche, but it doesn't have to be such an expensive niche.
I like that, very true

We are already in a pretty good place, considering all that's happened in Amiga land over the years is a minor miracle that people are still using their Classics and posting on this board

I think the best thing for the Classic scene would be new hardware upgrades. That can cover things like scan-doublers, higher-speed HD controllers and (compatible) accelerators. The two most important things any new hardware needs is, ongoing manufacturer support (drivers and config tools) and a low price.

As the old Classic motherboards get too old (or too rare) it would be nice if you could buy a complete drop-in FPGA based replacement motherboard, but has to be an affordable price (effectively a scaled-up MiniMig).

Another thing that would help the 'scene' would be if AROS 68k was developed to a stage where it was actually better (eg faster/less bugs/more features) that using OS 3.x

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